Gastroenterology Group of Naples Research Division believes we can help people today and well into the future by offering enrollment into clinical research studies.

Through research we are able to offer our patients, and the community, a chance to receive the newest treatments, along with the extra attention that comes with being a “subject” in a trial. As a participant there are multiple benefits: you receive information about your disease state, there are no charges for study examinations/labs/ visits, and the opportunity to receive “cutting edge” treatments which may lead to new innovations in medical care. Some of the studies test brand new treatments, while others look at new ways to use medicines that are already available. Some studies even offer a component that look at the DNA to try to isolate the cause of a disease, or a marker that would warn of being at high risk for a disease.

Through research, we have made some amazing progress, but there is much to learn. You may be a candidate for a research study; all you have to do is ask.

Become a Study Volunteer